Emotional Mastery

   Our emotions drive our behaviors, fuel our thoughts, and determine our beliefs.  The very essence of being human is to have emotional reactions.  Intense emotional swings color all aspects of human experience.  Without emotions, life would lose its juiciness.  One dull experience would fade into the next.  It would be all grey, stretching off into the horizon.  Fortunately, that is not our lot.  Unfortunately, accepting the full spectrum of emotional experience means taking the good AND the not so good.  Feeling all of it.  Everything.  The full gamut of what it is possible to feel.  Yikes.  That's no picnic.  The depths of despair test even the strongest and sturdiest of souls.  We, as humans, are put in position to weather the storm, over, and over, and over again.  How can we emerge from all the pain unscathed?  How do we prevent the deepest wounds from raking scars across our tender shrines of innocence, our inner sanctums of lightly glowing spirit, free from the heaviness of dense influences?

   The answer is to feel.  To feel fully.  To feel completely.  To embrace all aspects of every emotional reaction.  When we acknowledge every emotion and feel every emotion completely, something magical happens.  The heaviness lifts, and the emotion releases.  The pain disappears.  The suffering ceases.  Lightness, joy, and optimism return.  Emotions need to be felt.  If they are pushed down, pushed away, denied, suppressed, or neglected, a build up of negativity will occur.  A little mountain is created inside from layer upon layer of unfelt emotion.  We cannot escape this mountain no matter how fast we run.  We cannot evade this mountain by changing our relationship, changing our address, or simply seeking to forget the past.  The pain of the past cannot be ignored forever.  These unfelt emotions will create symptoms eventually.  Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual symptoms.  The severity of the symptoms depends on the size of the mountain.  We ALL have our mountains of varying sizes inside.  In this culture, in this society, feeling and releasing every emotional reaction from conception to now borders on wishful thinking.  But the good news, the REALLY good news, is that we don't have to.  We just have to feel ENOUGH of it, keep our internal mountain small enough to prevent symptoms from emerging.  

   Most of us are pretty good at feeling our emotions.  Something bad happens to us, triggering a slew of negative emotional reactions, and slowly but surely, over a period of hours or days, we feel our way to the other side.  The emotions get less and less until we feel good again.  Back to our old selves.  Ready again to face the world with a bright, positive outlook.  Every now and then, something truly horrific happens to us.  The emotions produced by this event are so extreme, that feeling them completely overwhelms us.  It's too much.  It's too painful.  It feels like being ripped apart inside, shattered to pieces.  The intensity is a 1000 on a 1 to 10 scale. 

   So what do we do?  We do our best to survive, by pushing away the scariest of these emotions.  These frightening beasts get locked into the closet, never to be seen again.  We carry on, do our best to keep moving forward.  But we lose something of ourselves.  We are never quite the same, with the same joy, the same unbridled passion and optimism for life.  Maybe it's just a slight difference.  But it's there.  It's part of our mountain, part of our collection of unfelt emotions.  Reversing this process gives us back to ourselves.  When you are ready, perhaps you will take some time and think about acknowledging your unfelt emotions.  Professional guidance helps this journey inward.  I promise you, these closeted beasts will not destroy you.  Send them love, comfort, and compassion.  Be gentle with them, kind to them.  As scary as they are, remember that once you feel them completely, they will release.  

   The blessing and grace of energy work provides an alternate route to emotional freedom.  The prospect of feeling every layer of unfelt emotion in your internal mountain may be daunting.  It may be overwhelming.  It may seem impossible.  I guarantee you, that no matter who you are, no matter how big your mountain is, it is doable.  However, energy work provides a less painful and extreme avenue of release.  Grace has provided us with these tools to recover without the torture of reliving our past.  Emotions exist within us at specific frequencies of vibration.  Emotions are energy, and all energy vibrates.  Energy work introduces the vibrations needed to lower the mountain.  Remember that learning to feel your emotions is still important.  You cannot achieve emotional mastery without developing this skill.  As long as you keep living, you will continue to occasionally have negative experiences; practicing acknowledging all of your feelings will prevent the internal mountain from rising again in the future.  

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