The Law of Reciprocity (Available as Audio)

   The saying goes, "you get what you give".  But if that's true, why do selfishly oriented, for lack of a better word greedy assholes often seem to rise to the top in politics, finance, business, education, and sadly even religious affairs?  It doesn't seem fair to all those who get left behind - the good people keeping their heads down, working in the trenches, providing the backbone of our society.  To many of these people, the felt experience when they look at the corporate structure and other hierarchies we set up in our culture is not "you get what you give", but "you get what you take".

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   I get it.  It really doesn't seem right, does it?  Sure, there are some honest, giving, caring, charitable people at the upper levels of any organization - but sometimes it seems like for every 1 unselfish person there are 5 or even 10 people who mostly, at the end of the day, make their decisions looking out for their own best interest, for numero uno.  So I get why some people hear the expression, "you get what you give" and dismiss it as new age bullshit with no practical application in the real world.  They hear law of reciprocity and think maybe I won't reciprocate any positivity in this interaction, if it will get the bozo (me, in this example) to be quiet.

   This is a touchy subject.  It is so easy to look at the world and perceive that those who put themselves first are getting ahead, leaving everyone else in their dust.  So is there any accuracy to the saying, "you get what you give", is there any wisdom in this expression?  Let's take a deeper dive into the law of reciprocity and see if we can uncover the truth.  

   Another way to phrase the expression, "you get what you give", is if you make things better, the universe will reward you.  If you add to the collective energies that make up the fabric of creation, that will come back around to you.  If you put out positive vibes, positive vibes will enrich your experience in reciprocal fashion.  The simplest way that I understand this is to remember that all energy flows.  Everything is energy, and all energy flows like a river through creation.  These flows are invisible to the eye, but are still very much a part of reality.  Just like the inner flows of the body are not seen on the surface, but that does not make the circulatory system any less real.  We used to believe that rocks and metal were pure solid with no inner flow.  But then we discovered electricity, and realized that metal can conduct a flow of electrons through it.  Even the most hard, dense substance imaginable can carry an inner flow of energy.  

   If we can accept that the energies of creation are always flowing, that opens up a new way to understand the law of reciprocity.  The more you align yourself with the flow of the river of life, the more this beautiful, enlivening energy flows through you.  Life is always seeker greater, more harmonious and magnificent flow through each of us, and as this energy comes in, it moves through us and expresses out from us - the giving part of the expression.  By allowing Life to flow through us in this way, we are signaling that we are ready for even more flow, more energy, more of the juicy wonderfulness to find us and be expressed through us.   

   So what happens if we get into the flow of life, letting all of that juicy energy flood our systems, but then don't express it in giving, or serving, or making things better?  What happens if we are greedy, selfish, arrogant, neglectful, or corrupt?  Without having a joyous outlet, this life energy gets stuck inside.  It builds up in an unhealthy way.  These clumps of energy form as dense material in the physical body and as well as throughout many of the energy bodies.  What happens next is not so easy to hear, but needs to be said.  Clumps of dense energy in the physical body can turn into diseases of all kinds.  Clumps of dense energy in the energy bodies can attract conflict, hostility, and friction in interpersonal relationships.  Neither of these are particular desirable outcomes.

   Giving generously helps to keep us healthy and happy because the life energy flowing through us is allowed to express beautifully and release fully from our systems.  This is how you get what you give.  So give, give, and then give some more.  There is always more where that came from.  Allow life to continue to pour through you and manifest in beautiful expression.  There is no better way to stay in alignment with health and wellness. 

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