The Levels of the Higher Self

   The higher self is an energetic aspect of our beings that sits a few feet above our heads.  This energy contains the totality of who we are.  Every experience, every feeling, and every thought is stored in this vast expanse of vibrational material.  

   One way to think of the higher self is to picture it as a layered structure with multiple tiers rising upwards above us.  The number of tiers points to the level of evolution we have attained.  Evolution is a process of expansion, and as we evolve into new expressions of self, our higher selves reach into the next vibrational playground, free to explore and delight in the new experiences available to us.  You might find yourself asking, how does any of this help me down here on Earth?  Well, it helps you enormously.

   All aspects of your being are in constant communication with each other.  Information travels up and down the energetic superhighway embedded into each and every one of us.  Lessons learned on one level spread to every other aspect of us, informing our progress and influencing the next set of experiences we choose to create to continue moving forward.  When we have gained so much knowledge and experience that the entirety of our being can no longer be contained within the levels we currently inhabit, a beautiful and magical thing happens.  Like a bud pushing through the top layer of soil, we extend up, bursting through our previous ceiling and dancing in the light of new possibilities.

   When we are here on Earth, we are constantly communicating with all levels of our higher self.  This happens behind the scenes, on an unconscious, unobserved level.  But with the changing dynamics of Earth and her inhabitants, this formerly hidden conversation can move to conscious awareness.  That is to say, you can choose to consciously communicate with any level of your higher self.  The higher the level, the larger the perspective, and the more wisdom therein.  Exploring this opportunity has yielded amazing positive gains in my own life.  Problems with seemingly no solutions all of a sudden resolve with the understanding and perspective gleaned from direct interaction with this higher part of my being.  

   As we grow in intuitive awareness and capability, our reach expands.  While in the beginning, we may only be able to communicate consciously with the first layer of our higher self sitting directly above our heads, with time we can access higher and higher levels, with no end in sight.  The journey of evolution is without end, a glorious process of beautification expanding into infinity.  We have the opportunity now, in this moment in space and time, to increase the pace of our own evolution to previously unknown exhilarations.  Remember, you are so much more than even your wildest and most optimistic hopes and dreams would suggest.  Embrace all of yourself, and enjoy this wondrous gift that is life.   

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