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Feeling better now is possible for everyone - that's the incredible power of intuitive energy work.  Are you ready to transform into your best self?

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How I Help Clients Transform

Transform Dense Energy, Relieve Symptoms

Transform Your Symptoms Now

Is Lasting Transformation Possible?

When you transform stuck energy, you can improve your symptoms.  Once the energy starts flowing, your body will begin to heal itself.  The body is a magnificent healing machine.  You just need to let it do its job.  

Dense Energy Creates Symptoms

The 7 Energy Bodies

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How It Works

I use a combination of intuition, muscle testing, and energy reference manuals to pinpoint the problematic energy in your system. This energy is often held in the form of emotions, beliefs, blocks, residual non-beneficial thoughts, or self-sabotaging patterns. Sometimes we find many layers to address. We then transform the layers using Universal Source Energy (similar to Reiki), energetic body realignment protocols, specific guided visualizations, and conscious energetic disentanglement.  

Once the problematic energy is cleared, your body, mind, spirit, and energetic system are freed up and can begin healing themselves.  Your system is truly a magnificent healing machine.  When something is not healing, there is always problematic energy getting in the way.  Remove the energy, and the system will begin to heal.  

Start Your Transformation Now

Why Is Lasting Transformation So Elusive?

- Not going deep enough

- Not accounting for complexity

- Not believing you can transform

You May Need To Go Deeper

I would say the most common reason that people stay stuck is because they are simply not going deep enough.  Often what we think is the root cause is really just a symptom of a deeper, underlying cause.  

Sometimes you can chip away bit by bit by bit, noticing minor improvements, but major transformation eludes you.  If you have felt stuck around an issue for years or even decades, you understand what I'm talking about.  I was stuck in clinical depression for a large part of my life, completely dependent on psychiatric meds to be able to function.  I tried SO many times to get off of them, but the depression would always return like a weight trying to crush me into oblivion. 

But one day, I rediscovered and transformed a deep trauma in my energetic system from the past.  Finally, I got to the root.  I subsequently came off my meds and I felt light instead of heavy, happy instead of depressed.  Years later, I am still depression free.  This type of major transformation is possible for you.  I know, because it was possible for me. 

Jamie's Transformation

"Finding Justin was one of the best things I could have done in my healing journey. I was originally looking for a tapping practitioner but little did I know, “EFT” covers many healing modalities. I came to Justin over a year ago to work on eating habits and some basic things I wanted to change. Within a few months, those problems seemed like a distant memory and we moved on to deeper things that I didn’t even know I needed to heal. I watched as my external environment shifted and mood issues alleviated. Piece by piece we are knocking down barriers to my truest, happiest self. Justin is so compassionate, present, and kind. His intuitive and psychic skills are very powerful which help facilitate the work in many ways.  I’ve recommended him to friends and they too can attest to the miracles that can occur when you are invested in this type of healing work. It is definitely on the more esoteric side, but go with it, and TRUST. Because it is SO WORTH IT! "   - Jamie

Transformation Is Possible For YOU

Shifting Your Focus To Account For Complexity

Have You Investigated All of The Following In Yourself?

By Shifting Her Focus, Kim Transformed

"How can I say enough about Justin? He is a gifted, caring healer who always goes above and beyond and has made such an amazing difference in my life. I have come to trust him, his intuition and the information that flows through him effortlessly and completely. He continues to be a gift and blessing to me. I have made significant progress in my physical health, mental health and in communication with my body. You see, my body and I have not always been on the same page. I had been through lots of trauma. Western medical doctors had no idea how to treat me. Eastern and alternative tried, but they failed . Until I decided to take my power back and discovered different avenues of healing. Not much changed except that I became sicker as I focused on the medical aspects. So, I decided to focus much less on the medical and focus more on mind/body connection, spiritual and energy healing. That was where true transformation lied. I met Justin several years into my healing journey. The progress that I have made is remarkable and some amazing miracles have happened. I continue to improve and get better each day and I am so grateful that he continues to be an integral part of my healing and restoration. Justin has been trained by some of the best in his field. He uses many different types of techniques and always uses the best one for you. He is experienced, talented and nothing is too difficult or complicated for him. I know that Justin will be a blessing in your life too."

- Kimberley Haworth

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