"Justin transformed my life. I had a year of no energy and unexplained tingling in my arms and legs. I went from doctor to doctor with no solution until I found Justin. Justin is a very gifted healer who made me feel better at the first visit. He is a calming presence and answered all of my questions about his methodologies. I am so thankful that I found him. Don't hesitate to talk to him and book an appointment. I highly recommend him.      

- JK


"Finding Justin was one of the best things I could have done in my healing journey. I was originally looking for a tapping practitioner but little did I know, “EFT” covers many healing modalities. I came to Justin over a year ago to work on eating habits and some basic things I wanted to change. Within a few months, those problems seemed like a distant memory and we moved on to deeper things that I didn’t even know I needed to heal. I watched as my external environment shifted and mood issues alleviated. Piece by piece we are knocking down barriers to my truest, happiest self. Justin is so compassionate, present, and kind. His intuitive and psychic skills are very powerful which help facilitate the work in many ways.  I’ve recommended him to friends and they too can attest to the miracles that can occur when you are invested in this type of healing work. It is definitely on the more esoteric side, but go with it, and TRUST. Because it is SO WORTH IT!"   

- Jamie


"How can I say enough about Justin? He is a gifted, caring healer who always goes above and beyond and has made such an amazing difference in my life. I have come to trust him, his intuition and the information that flows through him effortlessly and completely. He continues to be a gift and blessing to me. I have made significant progress in my physical health, mental health and in communication with my body. You see, my body and I have not always been on the same page. I had been through lots of trauma. Western medical doctors had no idea how to treat me. Eastern and alternative tried, but they failed . Until I decided to take my power back and discovered different avenues of healing. Not much changed except that I became sicker as I focused on the medical aspects. So, I decided to focus much less on the medical and focus more on mind/body connection, spiritual and energy healing. That was where true transformation lied. I met Justin several years into my healing journey. The progress that I have made is remarkable and some amazing miracles have happened. I continue to improve and get better each day and I am so grateful that he continues to be an integral part of my healing and restoration. Justin has been trained by some of the best in his field. He uses many different types of techniques and always uses the best one for you. He is experienced, talented and nothing is too difficult or complicated for him. I know that Justin will be a blessing in your life too."

- Kimberley Haworth


"When psychotherapy and medication failed to improve my wellbeing, I turned to energy work. I’ve seen lots of practitioners in my long journey of recovery from trauma and abuse.  Justin has proven to be one of the finest of them, in spite of his young age. I really wish I had found him sooner! His skills and expertise are delivered with compassion, kindness and integrity.  His intuition is incredibly accurate and has shed much needed light on deep corners of my soul. I am pleasantly surprised with how far I’ve come in my healing and how dramatically I have changed after I started working with him. His soothing, reassuring voice and generous and loving spirit have truly made a positive difference in my life. I look forward to our sessions and feel great excitement to share my progress.  Also, I’m impressed at how eagerly he pursues new ways of making his work more effective and achieving our goals. I highly recommend him and am deeply grateful for his support and encouragement."           

- H. Morgan


"In a serene and safe atmosphere, Justin's expert guidance through the healing process zeroes in on whatever feeling is limiting your enjoyment of life and quickly alleviates that feeling.  In just two sessions I was able to let go of feelings of extreme sadness related to a tragic event that occurred 14 years ago.  After the second session I felt lighter with a sense of freedom and well being.  I highly recommend this unique and effective service."    

- Rachel


"Justin is a warm, compassionate professional wellness coach. He is highly intuitive and very skilled with kinesiology, which allows him to easily find the true underlying source of any challenge. He draws from a wide array of talents to resolve even the most persistent issues. It is a joy to work with such a gifted person with so many unique skills and techniques!"   

- K. F.


"My cat is much more than a pet to me, she is my furry baby.  Therefore, I am very particular as to whom I trust to treat her.  That being said, I cannot say enough about Justin.  Aside from “knowing his stuff” and being an excellent practitioner, he genuinely cares about his clients.  He has gone well above and beyond to help my cat with extraordinary results.  I can honestly say that he has saved my cat’s life more than once.  At almost 19 years old, my baby has gone from multiple health issues causing an inability to eat or drink to a happy cat who has no problem maintaining good nutrition and hydration.  She has so much energy now that she even plays!  My heart is filled with joy as I see her run up and down the hallway.  Thanks to Justin, my cat has regained her quality of life.  I have complete faith in him and am truly grateful for all he has done and continues to do.  I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a hard-working, compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner."

- Susan