My Offerings

60 Minute Divine Energy Session - $147

*This type of session can only be booked via email at*

     We begin a Divine Energy Session with a full assessment of your energy systems and physical body - I intuitively scan to look for imbalances, misalignments, and pockets of energy density. 

     This gives us a roadmap to guide us towards release, reactivation, and a fuller engagement of your natural recuperative abilities - when blocks are removed and energies begin to flow harmoniously again, you can transform your life. 

     After we complete the assessment, I will begin to focus Divine Energy in the areas of density, imbalance, and misalignment to facilitate the dissolution of old patterns that are no longer needed.  We may utilize other techniques as well, such as EFT/Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Guided Self Healing, or Eden Energy Techniques, to facilitate corrective shifts. 

     In these individual sessions I always hold a space for dialogue as we work together to help you create your best life - this sacred and confidential space opens up the possibility for sharing to assist the release of emotions.    

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60 Minute Group Divine Energy Session - $27

     These Group Divine Energy Sessions work much the same way as individual sessions - we begin with an intuitive scan for all attendees to establish a roadmap for the work ahead.  I then focus Divine Energy on the group as a collective - this Source Energy is imbued with universal intelligence and knows what to do, where to go, and how to help for the best release and transformation for all involved. 

     The main difference in these group sessions is the one-on-one engagement with me may be limited to one or two questions at the end of the session.  You are encouraged to reach out to me through email afterwards with any questions or follow up comments - I love to hear from you!  

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60 Minute EFT/Tapping Session - $50

     EFT/Tapping is a beautiful and amazingly effective technique for working with releasing emotions and letting go of limiting beliefs.  Through conversation we identity the problematic areas and begin our work, tapping through the layers of whatever is coming up.

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