Tidings from Home

   We are so excited to greet you in this way, dear souls - to bridge the dimensional gap and reach out in the vibration of love, tenderly reminding you of the home from whence you came. 

   This moment is a perfect moment.  In this moment, all is well, all your heart's desires are already fulfilled, you are one with All That Is, resting gently in the womb of Creation.

   The light of your soul lights up the heavens, and we see each and every one of you illuminated against the backdrop of this physical reality you currently inhabit.  The physical realm supports a level of density not experienced in the subtler realms, including the realm of pure spirit, or that which you call home.

   As you dwell here on Earth, grounded firmly in physical reality, you simultaneously exist in many other dimensions as well.  From the human perspective, that can be hard to understand, to truly wrap your head around.

   The aspect of you that many refer to as the higher self exists in a separate dimension from where you now reside.  In this divine celestial realm, your higher self experiences pulsations emanating from the heart of God, divine music harmonizing thought and form.

   The rhythms of these pulsations are like waves your soul surfs in exaltation of this blessing of life, this opportunity to take on new perspective, to look out over the horizon of the Whole, and perceive the glory therein.  The music enlivens all spirits journeying through the evolution made possible by the time/space realm.

   The Divine Music is always there, always playing, effervescing up from the depths of the core of your being.  Are you listening?  Do you hear the subtle beauty, the gentle thrumming of the strings of Creation?

   The Divine Creator whispers to all of us, in every moment, urging us forward, bestowing us with the courage to remember the truth of who we are.  This whisper is like the caress of a warm summer wind against the ear, graceful in its approach and loving in its embrace.

   The help of God is ever present, ever available to all of God's children.  Sweet, beautiful souls, you have not been abandoned by your maker, as so many of you believe.  The connection to Home can be experienced in any moment, at any time, even by you, right here, right now.

   You experience what you believe.  Do you see that?  Do you feel the truth of that in your bones?  Let us ask you this question: how were your current beliefs created?  What was the process in which these totems of mental and emotional certainty were churned out?

   Many of you think most of your beliefs come from you, from your own thinking process.  Oh sweet, wonderful souls, dear dear beings, how wrong this idea is.  For almost all of you, the vast majority of your long held and even treasured beliefs came from external sources.  Your parents.  Your teachers.  Your authority figures.  Your cultural mores and thought leaders.

   This would not be so bad, if these beliefs all served you in creating and recreating the glorious abundance that is your birthright.  This would be tolerable, even acceptable, if these beliefs showed you the way, lit up the path to self realization in its grandest form.  

   Sadly, this is not the case.  Many of the beliefs you have learned over the years render you in a state of perpetual suffering, a treadmill of pain and anguish, languishing in a created reality that dehumanizes, demoralizes, and deters you from remembering the beauty of your soul's essence.

   Examine the beliefs that take up residence in the recesses of your mind.  This activity is not for the faint of heart, for as you gaze in the mirror at your own reflection, you may be shocked to discover the mistruths to which you cling.

   You have much help in this, and in all things.  Call on God often for assistance, for Divine support, and you will receive it.  Angels await at ready, always, to bring you hope in your darkest hour, love in the depths of your despair, and strength to face the very human terror of looking directly at your fears.

   You are so loved, sweet warriors, divine trailblazers.  You are cherished and adored by us, the collective of loving beings that has come together to bring you this message, these tidings from home.  We love you like you love your family, and we hold the space for you to rediscover the blessing that your unique light brings to all of life.  And so it is.