$3 Introduction to Energy Work Groups


For many people, energy work is new and different - maybe they have heard of it or thought about trying it, but haven't quite got to the point where they are ready to make an investment in an unknown method with a complete stranger.

If this is you, then you are in luck - I am now holding Introduction to Energy Work Groups every Tuesday at 4:30 pm Eastern Time for only $3 per attendee.  These groups are on Zoom, in a safe and comfortable space, where no one is ever put on the spot or asked to speak in front of the group, and personal information is not shared with other members.  It is the PERFECT setting to try energy work for yourself.

Each person gets some work to help them with their physical pain, emotional pain, or any other challenges they are currently facing in a totally easy and noninvasive experience.  All group sessions run for approximately one hour.  

       Click Here to Book a $3 Introduction to Energy Work Group Session


Please send your $3 donation to my PayPal account BelmontEFT , or Venmo it to me @Justin-Speller-2